Review on SunrisePro Knife Sharpener, USA paented, Original, Red

SunrisePro Knife Sharpener will make your cutting experience easy. It comes in red color. The sharpener weighs about 0.3 ounces and 2.4 x 2.6 x 2.4 inches in dimension. It always gets high customer rating because of its extraordinary features. Dicing your veggies, slicing any type of meet, carving the party roast will no more be difficult for you once you have this at home to sharpen your knives. Unlike most sharpeners that you may have used before, this sharpener is capable of sharpening even strong steel knives. So stop worrying about the type of material used on the knives that you already own.

The Amazing Features:

If you are tired of using dull knives, if you are disappointed with the performance of your existing sharpeners, relax. You will be amazed to know the outstanding features that SunrisePro Knife Sharpener offers.

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    Capable of sharpening all types of knives that include serrated knives 
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    Small and portable
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    Removes microscopic amounts of knife metal during sharpening
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    Long-lasting since it has been built on the tungsten-carbide technology. This makes this sharpener capable of extending the life of knives that it sharpens
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    Eco-friendly tool
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    Diamond’s perfect angle allows it to remove excess metal quickly as and when you use it
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    The sharpener features a PowerGrip suction cup base, which makes it attach securely to any solid and smooth surface. This means you do not need for any securing tools and you can sharpen your knives safely and single-handedly when it is attached.

How to use it:

At the time of sharpening, you just need to pass them through the tungsten carbide sharpening edges 3 to 4 times. Moments after bringing this sharpener home, I’ve sharpened a set of knives I desperately needed to take care of only in a few minutes. After getting the job done perfectly, I was impressed and realized how easy it was to setup and use it.

This a simply a great knife sharpener! Unlike the heavy-weight knife sharpeners, the lightweight SunrisePro Supreme brings with it a strong suction base that will literally lock the sharpener to the counter top and this way it keeps the possibility of injury away by giving stability and confidence to let your knife blade pass through the sharpening device. It is also very strong and I am certain that it will last for quite a long time. Overall, I am confident that the SunrisePro Supreme Knife Sharpener is the best of all sharpeners that I have used. It certainly offers value for money and I therefore strongly recommend it for your daily home kitchen use.

On the downside, there is nothing significant that I have experienced after using this sharpener. But I have read that it is not suitable for extremely fine-toothed serrated knives. So I never tried it on my fine-toothed serrated knives but I tried on regular serrated knives (bread and hunter). But this is not a big deal compared to the range of unique features that altogether make this sharpener just great.

Final thoughts

If you are planning to buy this, never hesitate. Just buy and try on your knives. You will love it, I bet and like me will recommend others to try this within a few weeks of using it.