Know how to keep your knife unbelievably sharp

No matter how terribly sharp your knives are at the time of purchase, you must do your due diligence to keep them stay sharp to deliver expected service. Remember, dull knives not only take more pressure to use, those are dangerous since while applying pressure in cutting tough food, serious injuries can occur.
So how can you keep them sharp without putting much extra efforts? Well, follow the below incredibly easy rules:

Electric knif sharpener reviews_Know how to keep your knife unbelievably sharp

Rule 1: After you use them each time, make sure you wash them by hand and dry them by hand.
Hot water and strong detergent may dull the sharpness of your knives. So do not even think of washing them with such things. Never leave them in the dishwasher or in the drying rack as by doing so you are actually leaving the water to evaporate off your blade, which is an open invitation for rust to form. Use only a sponge to clean knives. If they are oily, you may lighten the soap by adding water and then clean. Wipe it down immediately, rinse it off, and you should be done.
So once you’re done the cleaning, be sure to dry it using a cotton towel.

Rule 2: Store with Care.
Try to put your knives in a knife block. It will keep knives sharp by not allowing them to bump into things. Most users are in the habit of throwing knives in a drawer, but by doing so you are actually allowing it to rub up against other blades, steel-made stuff, whisks and so on. Not a good idea. So, carefully use only the block or something that will keep knives separate. Some people prefer a magnetic knife strip. You may try that too. But make sure you mount it somewhere that is out of reach of small children to ensure safety.

Rule 3: Use a Wooden Cutting Board.
If you have used various types of boards for cutting, you may already have noticed that wooden cutting boards don’t dull blades as much as glass, plastic, or ceramic options do. But some do not prefer wooden boards since cleaning is a hassle for many. You can’t put them in the dishwasher but somehow learn to manage to sanitize them. One way is to use both soap and then mist your boards with hydrogen peroxide and vinegar, then scrub and rinse off with plain water.

Rule 4: Don’t make your knife a multi purpose tool and limit its use to cutting, slicing, chopping only.
Many of us are in the habit of using knives for multiple purposes rather than limiting its use only in performing its primary task – cutting, slicing and chopping food. Don’t use them to open packages or plastic oil containers. Never chop through plastic or use in opening teen or steel-made pot which may damage the delicate sharp edge. Be strict in keeping your kitchen blades in the kitchen, and using them to get their intended service only.

Rule 5: Sharpen With Skill.
If you strictly follow the above 4 rules for your knives, it is certain that you are not ruining your knives. But still there is a harsh truth. The sharpest knife will lose its edge eventually. You may delay its dullness but cannot stop it from happening ever. So, to give your knives a few strokes when that is required, do not forget to buy a knife sharpener and at intervals sharpen with required skill. If you are not a lover of manual sharpeners and have not or are not willing to master that special skill of manual, time-consuming, tough sharpening job with stone or steel, get an electric knife sharpener. To get a good electric knife sharpener, CLICK