Chef’s Choice 130 Professional Knife-Sharpening Station Review

Chef’s Choice 130 Professional Knife-Sharpening Station is the newest breakthrough in sharpening technology that brings to users most-in-one option in one compact appliance. Whatever your sharpening need is, it will professionally sharpen most brands and types of knives in seconds.

Chef’s Choice 130 Professional
Major functions:

It functions in 3 stages

Stage 1, having hundred percent diamond abrasives, will sharpen the edge.

Stage 2 features a super-hardened miniature steel. This will develop a shaving-sharp edge with ultra-sharp microscopic teeth and will provide a superior edge “bite”.

Stage 3 functionality will involve a revolutionary flexible stropping disk, which will polish the edge of the knife to hair-splitting sharpness in a superb way.

Altogether, these stages with multiple functions in multiple combinations will produce custom edges, which will suit to a particular cutting task. Built-in, high precision, easy to use elastomeric angle guides will guarantee fool-proof sharpening. Read the whole review to find out more.


Product at a glance:

• Model number: 0130506
• Product Dimensions: 12 x 6 x 6.2 inches
• Weight (Shipping): 4.6 lb
• Warranty: Customer service offers manufacturer’s warranty
• Color: Platinum


Chef’s Choice 130 Professional


Personal experience:

I am a busy executive at the office and a fabulous cook at home (at least my hubby and my friends say so!). I started using this sharpener about 3 months back and till now I am very happy about the investment. It is very easy to use and makes a good and lasting edge on knives fast. My everyday knives are sharpened in less than a minute. My best knives are sharpened in a few seconds. I sharpened 7 knives (of which 3 were quite dull) in less than 12 minutes.

From experience, I know this machine works great on traditional German angle blades although I am unsure whether it works on Japanese blades. One can sharpen just about any knife in it and can establish a 20-degree angled on everything. What I understand the angle cannot be adjusted, and I think this model is set to a 20º American knife angle. So, if you have a 15-degree knife, better not to give that a trial and damage your angle. But you can certainly sharpen many kinds of knives – serrated and non-serrated blades and will experience equal satisfaction.

The middle stage of this sharpener is not motorized. It is rather a quality sharpening steel like we use by hand. This position helps keep the knife near the optimal angle to allow the steel work optimally. Just put a quick hone on your knives without turning on the switch. This feature makes the sharpener distinct from the Chef’s Choice M120. The polishing wheel in the 3rd stage will smoothen and polish the knife edge.

Like me, those who have a wide range of quality knives and frequently use most of them requiring regular sharpening, relax. This sharpener will surely work well on all of them. If you are a busy person like me and do not want to spend hours using an oil stone to sharpen knives anymore, this is your model. You even do not need to hold a consistent angle using the stone. The machine will give you a consistent sharpening angle. And your knives will remain super sharp under regular use. Once in a month just do a touch up with a single pass under the grinding wheel. You no more need to hand-sharpen any of your knives now.