Chef’s Choice 120 Diamond Hone 3-Stage Professional Knife Sharpener Review

Chef’s Choice 120 Diamond Hone EdgeSelect Plus Knife Sharpener is a professional electric knife sharpener that hones the blades of gourmet, hunting, butcher, and serrated knives in a three-step process. EdgeCraft is the manufacturer of the Chef’s Choice line located in Avondale, PA.

Chef’s Choice 120 Diamond Hone



• Dimensions: 9.25L x 4.25W x 4H inches.
• 125 watt
• Delivers a three-stage precision sharpening
• Functions on gourmet chef’s knives, serrated knives, butcher knives and sporting knives
• 100 percent diamond abrasive which will never detemper
• Features a unique Trizor-Plus edge, which provides greater sharpness and durability
• Offers a three-year household warranty
• Color: White


Multi-Stage Functionality:

• Creates a Trizor-Plus edge for unprecedented sharpness which is long-lasting in 3 stages. The conical 100% diamond-coated disks in stages one and two, followed by a stropping/polishing disk in stage three together do this superb job.
• Users can easily customize the flawless, highly polished fine edge to suit the cutting task.
• The elastomeric angle features high precision and the magnetic pad will make clean-up and maintenance easy by collecting residue.
• It sharpens fast and is easy to use.


Chef’s Choice 120 Diamond Hone


Those who have used this will certainly feel satisfied about the brand’s unwavering commitment to quality, technology and the consumers. This model will work on all fine edge knives, and on serrated knives too. The three-stage diamond hone professional sharpener will certainly let users select the edge to match individual need. Each of the 3 stages uses precision angle guides to create a unique Trizor-Plus edge that users want which will allow maximum sharpness and durability. The magnetic pad will collect residue to help make the cleaning and maintenance job easy.

Overall, this sharpener can do a very good job. Before I started using this, I wondered whether it would require me to change the diamond abrasive piece but I never had to replace it since I bought this two years back. I even did not need to use it frequently because the knives stay sharp for weeks after week. Before purchasing this model, I read about the long-lasting sharpness that the model delivers, which I did not believe. But when I accidentally cut my finger even after 5 weeks of sharpening this as the edge remained as sharp as before, I finally believed that the brand really delivers what it promises. Users therefore, need to exercise caution after sharpening their knives for the first time. The edge will be much sharper than expectations which may result in accidental injury.

Last but not the least, before anyone makes a purchasing decision, please read product descriptions and features carefully. You also need to know, this sharpener only does a 20-degree angle and therefore if you are looking for a sharpener that does 15-degree angle or both 15-degree and 20-degree angles, you should then look for another model of Chef’s Choice. If you want to sharpen Japanese knives, this is certainly not the right one for you since the angle is wrong for Japanese knives. So, before you make an investment, first of all, check what type of knives that you have and whether this sharpener is suited to your need. Best of luck!